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Benefits of Eye Lash Extensions – Livingston NJ

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions – Livingston NJ

Considering eyelash extensions? Tired of smudging makeup and messy clumps of mascara? Maybe you want to have more length or fullness to your eyelashes? Whatever your motivation there are a variety of benefits to eyelash extensions.  Eyelash extensions are easily applied and last for approximately three to four weeks, so let’s take a closer look at why making the change could be the solution you have had your eyes on.

Look and Feel Natural

Eyelash extensions are typically made from several materials. Polyester, mink, synthetic hair, and horse hair are some of the most common materials used in creating these beautiful lashes. Quality eyelash extensions made from these materials are very light to wear, and can provide a soft but natural look. Compared to the weight and discomfort of strip eyelashes, quality eyelash extensions are by far a better solution. Long, lush lashes also create the illusion that you are more awake and youthful, almost like an instant eye lift, minus the procedure and recovery time.

Save Time

Many people today have a morning routine that they follow to make sure that they look and feel their best before they leave the house.  Many women, and men, also have a make-up routine included in their daily process.  With eyelash extensions applied, you will no longer have to tolerate the tedious job of perfecting your mascara because you will wake up with long, lush lashes each and every day. The best way to leave the house each day is feeling beautiful and confident, so why not start with your eyes! Our eyes are one of the first things people connect with when we meet them, whether it is the first time, or someone we see each day at the office.

Live Your Life!

So saving time each morning is great, but what is even more attractive is being able to live your life without having to worry about your eyelashes.  You can live your life without the inconvenience of needing to touch up your eyes.  Whether you are exercising, swimming, or enjoying a quick dip in the hot tub (avoid prolonged exposure), there will be no need to freshen up your eyelash extensions.  Continue to look and feel beautiful without ever missing a beat.

Longer & Fuller Lashes

Many individuals use mascara every day as a part of their morning routine, and they are mainly attempting to add length and volume.  Some others go through the hassle of applying false eyelashes every day in order to achieve the same result as mascara users – longer and fuller lashes. Another great benefit to eyelash extensions is that they add volume and fullness to your natural eyelashes. Eyelash extensions do not have to be applied or even maintained every day, but that does not mean that you will ever have to miss a day of lush, dark lashes. Eyelash extensions will allow you to push your eyelash game to the next level.  With a variety of lengths and colors there is no limit to the look you can achieve with eyelash extensions. Whether you want a dramatic flare or a soft and natural look, a quick appointment at the salon and your lashes will be all set for the next month. Either way, the added length will frame your eyes, and people will be naturally drawn to them.

So as we now know, the benefits of eyelash extensions are practically endless.  Anyone can benefit from eyelash extensions from the busy mom of three, to the college student with a busy social life, and even the businesswoman keeping up with clients. Eyelash extensions allow you to look more youthful, while also bringing back that feeling of inner confidence.  They save you precious time every single day by ending the tedious need to apply and reapply mascara. You will also notice an increase in eye contact with others, as eyelash extensions will draw people to look you in the eye. Perhaps one of the greatest things about eyelash extensions is that it is completely up to you to choose to have them or not.  If eyelash extensions are something you have been considering, take the leap of faith and try them out today.  If you decide that eyelash extensions are not for you, you won’t have to do any extra work to remove them; just simply let them fall out naturally with your eyelash growth.  If they are not your style, you could always go for that 100% natural look after all.